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V Guard DU 1500


Made from the latest state of the art technology, the V-Guard DU 1500 can be your electronics’ favourite companion that brings happiness uninterrupted. The product is easy to maintain and automatically switches on during a power cut. At the same time, it senses overload and also protects your computer from high or low voltage. It keeps the battery safe for a long time, has a short circuit protection and provides unmatched comfort. The DU 1500 has advanced safety features like intelligent thermal management, battery over charge & deep discharge protection, quick battery charging mode, smart overload and short circuit protection. This can be used anytime, anywhere at your home or workplace. This product is a cost effective, high performance, high reliability and maintenance free best solution for your space. It comes with an intelligent audio & visual indications system. This product from the house of V-Guard can protect your systems from power surges effortlessly, so use it every day for a seamless power backup experience.


  • DSP based design
  • High frequency design
  • Intelligent audio & visual indications
  • Advanced MOSFET based power stage with PWM output
  • SMPS based smart charger*
  • Quick battery charging mode
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection

  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Battery over charge & Deep discharge protection
  • Selectable battery option
  • Space saving design


  • Advanced MOSFET based power stage with PWM output. SMPS based smart charger
  • V-Gurd Standard Warranty of 24 Months
  • DSP based design. Intelligent audio & visual indications. Generator compatibility
  • Selectable battery option. Space Saving Design
  • Battery over charge & Deep discharge protection

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