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V Guard VT 115

Inverter Battery

The V-Guard VT 115 batteries fit perfectly in V-Guard Digital UPS to gift you an uninterrupted and continuous supply of power to your home. Moreover, the VT 115 batteries work well with other UPS. The backup offered by these batteries varies from three hour thirty minutes to fifty four hours, depending upon how much load you have connected to the DUPS. The length of these batteries is 515 mm, the width is 213mm and the height is 260 mm. The filled weight is 36 Kg and the gross weight is 38 Kg. These batteries require 13 litres of acid give or take two litres. After full charge, the specific gravity of electrolyte in these batteries becomes 1.245± 0.005 Sp. Gr. Litres/Cell. These batteries are covered by V-Guard under the standard warranty of 24 months, while there is the option of prorated warranty of 12 months. The technology used enables these batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing their life span. In fact the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less and the efficiency they offer is maximum.


  • High Pressure (100 bar) Casted Positive Spines - free from blow holes and finer grain structure
  • Excellent performance in wide ambient conditions
  • Ready to use
  • Most suitable and Reliable in Deep Cyclic application and higher Power shortage area
  • Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
  • Least gas generation and low maintenance
  • Nature friendly


Dimensions of the battery                                              +/- 3mm

Length                                                                          503mm

Width                                                                            180mm

Height                                                                           417mm

Weight                                                                          5kg

Dry Weight                                                                    42kg

Filled Weight                                                                 67kg

Gross Weight                                                                69kg

Acid Volume                                                                 19.5l

Specific gravity of electrolyte at full charge                    1.245 +/- 0.005

Multi colored carton                                                       Yes

Spec of carton                                                              530mm x 215mm x 500mm (LxBxH)

Standard Warranty                                                         36 months

Pro-rated Warrant                                                          18 months

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